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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Step forward Lawton Collins...

I'm establishing the cast list from Jacobs (see earlier pieces):

Collins was appointed Special United States Representative in Viet-Nam with the personal rank of Ambassador by Ike on November 3 1954, a time when implementing the Geneva Accords - or the parts that were going to be implemented - was still in progress.

Collins, a Catholic, was not a Diem groupie:
Although a Catholic himself, Collins correctly identified Diem's religious militance as tending to undermine indigenous support for his government...For over six months in 1954-55, the general furnished Washington with dozens of reports arguing for Diem's replacement by another South Vietnamese: a Buddhist, a coalition builder, a practical politician with experience in Vietnamese affairs.

There then followed by the battle against the sects (the Cao Dai, Binh Xuyen and the Hoa Hao); Collins was not impressed at all with Diem's decision to eliminate them by violence, nor with its execution. Eisenhower disagreed...

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