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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Motherlode of 1959 US media pablum on SVN

In part 1 of the 1959 hearings on VVA (next door piece), pp31-44.

Among the hacks represented is the New York Times' Tillman Durbin (not named after Pitchfork Ben, surely?), whom no one (to judge from the pieces copied) needed to tell to get on the team.

Ambassador Eldridge Durbrow (p30) runs through the roster of resident journos: Brix (UPI), Wilde (Time-Life) and an unnamed freelancer for AP (or possibly Wilde doubling up - the text is unclear).

Holbrecht of UPI covered SVN from Japan; Durbin from Hong Kong.

The reprinted articles are mostly from Durbin; there are also pieces from Ernest K Lindley (Newsweek) and Igor Oganesoff (Wall Street Journal) - presumably parachute operations like Colegrove's.


The same search produces the report on hearings (July 27-August 14 1959) by the Subcommittee on the Far East and the Pacific of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, entitled The Current Situation in the Far East.

As with the Senate hearings, Colegrove puts in an appearance. Unlike the Senate report (that I've discovered on a quick skim), the House report gives the text of the articles of his that started the whole business off. The reprint starts on the last page of the sixth part, and goes on for 15 or so pages in the seventh and final part.

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