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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Herb Morrison Hindenburg recording

A page full of facts. (At least, they look like facts; though they could be just truthiness...)

Apparently, excerpts from Morrison's recording were played on the NBC Red and Blue networks (once each) on Friday May 7 1937, the day after the accident - and not played on either network again.

And these broadcasts were the first recordings that NBC had allowed to be played,
and I can count on my fingers the other times that NBC broadcast recordings--knowingly and unknowingly--until the middle of WW II.

(I remember from the Ed Murrow bio Prime Time reference to CBS's mania for exclusively live broadcasting. One can see the point that recording equipment was expensive and cumbersome. But, if you've actually got the kit...)

Which leads one to ask, why, if recordings were verboten, was Morrison making a recording in the first place? His station, WLS Chicago, could play it in its own time, presumably. Would they have been planning to 'syndicate' it to other NBC stations to spread the cost?

Much geeky goodness in the piece. (And, on old-time US radio, on the site in general, that I can see.)

(Morrison only died in 1989, apparently.)

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