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Saturday, August 20, 2005

The many election days of America

Is there a list? Is there buggery! (That I can find...)

In Illinois in 1830, it seems that election day was the first Monday in August.

In Delaware, it was - don't know. But a law of 1855 apparently changed the date to conform with the new presidential election date (3 USC 1 - enacted originally in 1845 [1]).

  1. There is sign of legislative activity on the LOC site - according to Voteview, a vote to table HR 80 passed 26-25 on June 14 1844 is the last on the subject in the 28th Congress that I can see. Nothing in the 29th.

    A vote for a third reading on HR 432 passed in the House 187-1 on December 16 1844: I can't see a RCV on HR 432 in the Senate. I'm thinking it passed on a voice vote and was duly signed.

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