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Monday, August 01, 2005

Catholic Church another area of Dem corruption

Not exclusively, of course.

But Catholics and machine politics [1] went together like a horse and carriage (or Sinatra and the mob), so the vicious triangle of laity, hierarchy and politicians would often - perhaps more often than not - have a Democratic tilt.

And the Catholic church, as we've found, is corrupt on an epic scale. (Ethically, for certain - criminally, perhaps.) And both laity and pols have pandered like buggery - as it were!

As, of course, have the media [2].

One might consider the case of Massachusetts Attorney-General Thomas Reilly who somehow managed to conclude that no prosecutions should be initiated arising from the clergy abuse scandal in the Boston diocese.

Reilly may or may not be a Knight of Columbus. But he is certainly a Democrat - and running for governor in 2006.

Apparently, giving a free pass to pederasts in purple is no bar to electoral success in the Bay State - or so Reilly is supposing, evidently.

References to Man on Dog Rick Santorum seem to wow the faithful. Priest-on-boy? Not so much.

Santorum famously suggested that
"It is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political, and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm" of the clergy sexual abuse scandal.

The Beantown barney that followed was intense.

The fact that A-G, now prospective Governor, Reilly chose not to exert himself [3] to bring the Boston Catholic hierarchy to book seems to have moved his voters much less.


  1. City machines of the Golden Age were almost exclusively Democratic, except in Pennsylvania. State machines could be either party.

  2. The LA Times and Cardinal Roger Mahony I discussed on February 27 2004.

  3. I've no idea what success such prosecutions might have had. But I'm pretty clear that had allegations of the same magnitude been made against any other organisation, Reilly would have fallen over himself to get to grandstand on behalf of the young flower of the state.

    It's the lack of exertion, not the quality of the case, which is telling.


The other area of corruption associated more with the Dems rather than the GOP I touched on on July 28: labor.

Searching on Arthur Coia of LIUNA, for instance, is like opening a cupboard and having half of Macy's fall on top of you. Labor racketeering involves serious criminals: the sort whose idea of payback is something a little more permanent than a Swift Boat Veterans campaign!

Coia seems to have been held in high regard by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. SEIU golden boy Andy Stern's name crops up from time to time. And, as I mentioned in the earlier piece, there's the tantalising Clinton connection.

There are several sites dedicated to material on union corruption. Whether these are part of the VRWC, financed by Dr Evil himself, Richard Mellon Scaife, or are the genuine product of concerned unionists, I know not.

I have noticed that, in all the flurry of publicity the unions have got recently in lefty sheets and blogs, corruption has figured little or not at all.

Funny, that...

What it all amounts to, I'm not clear. For instance, the extent to which the willingness of some unions to consider endorsing and funding GOP candidates leads one to wonder whether some union bosses have a Bush II pardon in mind for January 2009.

Perhaps those nice people at the New Yorker could commission an 8,000 word piece on the subject.

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