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Friday, July 08, 2005

Why hasn't the media Swift Boated Fitzgerald?

I've looked before (July 1) for indications that Plame case prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is a crook - and come up empty.

He's spent a whole lot of time with top-of-the-drawer felons. Plenty of guys who would have had the wherewithal to slip Fitzgerald serious money in bearer bonds or offshore accounts for the courtesy of dropping investigations into their activities, or planting exculpatory evidence in their files.

It is eminently plausible that Fitzgerald is dirty. It's just evidence that is lacking.

Now, for months, he's been Public Enemy Number 1 to the journalistic profession. He's being pursuing Miller and Cooper with the fanaticism of an Inspector Javert.

Why haven't they tried to get him? To trawl his life back to infancy for dirt; sort through his trash; hack his bank accounts. Go all out.

And, if there was nothing there, why not run a campaign of calumniation along the lines so clearly delineated by the Swift Boat Veterans?

Journalists, too, move amongst low-lifes. (Some of them, outside Washington, even.) There will be a few people to testify plausibly to more or less any tale you choose - for a fistful of dollars.

A puzzle.

Of course, in logic or law, it wouldn't affect the Plame case a jot if Fitzgerald were found to have - shall we say? - taken a bribe to look the other way.

The prosecutor is dead! Long live the prosecutor!

But the framing might well make the DOJ less keen to press the issue.

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