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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Uh oh! Dean takes on Democratic ethics deficit

To recap on umpteen earlier pieces, the only conceivable reason that House Democrats have done nothing in particular and done it very well about GOP ethics violations is that the leadership knows that several Dem members are dirty too - and sufficiently dirty that mud flung in their direction would stick.

Now, according to an AJC piece [1], Dean bangs the drum [2]:
We have not spoken about moral values in this party for a long time. The truth is, we're Democrats because of our moral values. It's a moral value to make sure that kids don't go to bed hungry at night. ... It is a moral value not to go out on golf trips paid for by lobbyists.

The piece quotes the complainant against Tom DeLay, ex-Rep Chris Bell, perhaps as a Dean proxy - in any case, being rather more explicit than the D-Man:
House Democrats are victims of "a kind of mindset that too often creeps in in Washington β€”to get along, go along," Bell said in a telephone interview from his law office in Houston. "There's not a more adversarial act you can take in the House than an ethics complaint, and some people just don't have the stomach for it."

Bell believes there has been a resumption of the unofficial ethics "truce" β€” Republican and Democratic leaders won't acknowledge it ever existed β€” between the parties that held for some seven years before his complaint against DeLay.

"Only in Washington does a 'truce' on ethics make sense," he said.

Bell is apparently considering a run for Texas governor against Rick 'Adios Mofo' Perry - so contempt for Washington is not hurting his cause.

The fact that Pelosi herself found herself recently needing to come clean about undeclared foreign freebies (July 5) only hints at the difficulties that other, less scrupulous Dems might land their party in if the ethics truce were ditched.

  1. Heard of on the Rachel Maddow show - the only show on AAR with any promise.

  2. Note that there is no indication of the circumstances in which Dean gave that quote. The piece doesn't say that he gave an interview to an AJC journo or one from another paper. It might, in context, be a third party report of what he told the DNC executive committee in June. Or it might be neither.

    An illustration of either utmost bad faith or gross incompetence from the media that leaves the sucker - er, reader - completely up shit creek in evaluating its material.

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