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Saturday, July 02, 2005

That Go West CW, again

The American Prospect's Robert Kuttner just loves him some Brian Schweitzer. Not to mention Christine Gregoire, and all those Western insurgent Dems. The sound of anvils being dropped is deafening.

The West was, of course, the location of another insurgency, mostly Republican around the turn of the last century [1].

That insurgency was as disconnected ideologically from the Main Street/Wall Street GOP mainstream as the South of the time was from the Northern Democracy, and in the end made a limited impact, foundering on the Democratic surge under Franklin Roosevelt and (given their isolationism) disappearing beneath the tide of war.

(Montana's marquee insurgent was a Democrat, Burton Wheeler, inveterate enemy of the Anaconda Copper Company which ran the state.)

Schweitzer would be a presidential prospect for 2012 at the earliest, surely, given that his current statewide electoral record is just .500; best to see him first succeed in persuading the good folks of Montana he's worth a extension to his current engagement, I'd have thought.

  1. On May 29 I looked at an article on LaFollette, Sr's Wisconsin. And on August 9 2003 discussed North Dakota's Non-Partisan League.

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