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Sunday, July 10, 2005

SCOTUS: Harry Reid's sense of humour

In case you were wondering whether he had one...

In this weekend's fireside chat, Reid is public-spirited enough to suggest, not a nominee but a comparator: Earl Warren:
Mr. President, that's the kind of justice we hope you'll nominate. Someone who will bring us together. A mainstream justice who won't use their judicial robe as a cloak to impose their political ideology on the country.

That is dead-panning of a quality that even old Don Rumsfeld himself would have to admire!

Warren, of course, is the Supreme turncoat: the guy that 'Don't Rock the Boat' Eisenhower installed as SCOTUS Chief in place of the supremely inconveniently deceased 'Don't Rock the Boat' Fred Vinson.

Warren's mission was - not to rock the boat. Then he does a Roger Taney, goes off-the-chart activist and utters his own Dred Scott in reverse in Brown v Board of Education. Plus a whole raft more of liberal stuff.

Reid's suggestion will be about as welcome as Joe Louis arriving at Warm Springs for a little R&R after the second Schmeling fight.

Franklin, slap me five!

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