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Friday, July 01, 2005

Patrick Fitzgerald - what's his game?

The WSJ enquires very gently and respectfully:
Federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has a reputation as a straight shooter focused on putting mobsters and terrorists behind bars.

But some of his main supporters are baffled by his pursuit of reporters in his investigation into the leak of a CIA agent's name to the media.

Now, I've looked before (February 28) - without expectation, and rightly so - for signs that Fitzgerald is dirty. Prosecutors of organised crime no doubt receive offers from time to time, and some accept them; though there is, so far as I'm aware, a lack of evidence that Fitzgerald has done so, it is certainly plausible that he has.

More plausible, say, that Silver Star-awarded John Kerry was in fact a coward in Vietnam. (Lack of plausibility was no object to the Swift Boat Veterans!)

On the other hand, that his pursuit of Cooper and Miller is untainted by collateral factors I find distinctly implausible.

As well as the WSJ, a Chicago Tribune editorial queries Fitzgerald's motives:
...perhaps Fitzgerald is on a fishing expedition.

Only a Nexis search could confirm my hypothesis that the leading rags have generally been staying away from questioning Fitzgerald's motives.

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