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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Online not so big...

Triumphalism over the forces of dead-tree reaction has been a theme of booster bloggers.

Interesting to get a correction from the field of video streaming:

A piece trumpeting AOL says
In 2004, AOL accounted for a fourth of all U.S. streams served, at 24.9 percent...

A quarter of any US market must be huge, you're thinking.

Think again:
AOL's preeminence was in evidence 10 days ago with the streaming of the Live 8 benefit concert, which drew some 5 million users worldwide and at its peak served 175,000 streams simultaneously, a world record.

Jesus! Note that that's 175,000 streams for the entire planet - if it means what it says.

Now, 175,000 is low-end US cable news show territory.

And that's 0.35% of Americans with broadband connections.

(And as a percentage of world connections? No idea. The lack of a decent statistical engine that can fetch so basic a piece of information in the time Google takes to get the lyrics of My Boomerang Won't Come Back (two seconds flat) is a gaping hole in online provision.)

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