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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Times ombud: I have a feeling we're not in Cloud Cuckoo Land any more...

To judge from his latest piece, we may be getting a little more common sense from Byron Calame than we got from Daniel Okrent.

Set the bar high, why don't you? Ed.

Commenting on posed photos in the Magazine [1] that were not identified as such, we get a sensible recommendation:
I urge The Times to consider establishing a standardized set of simple labels to be used across all parts of the paper and online to describe various categories for images, depending on the way they have been created or manipulated.

And he uses the opportunity to hit a fundamental point:
Even though all this landed on your doorstep this morning with each page labeled "The New York Times," top editors seem confident that readers can sort out - and allow for - differences in journalistic tone and practice from one section to another. Readers have long understood the difference between the news columns and the editorial pages, these editors reason, and the Magazine and Book Review are just other distinct parts of the package.

As often discussed here, the Big Lie of journalism is that, though it gives every appearance of being written in clear, it is in fact written in code.

Not only are you not given the code by media outlets, you're not even told it's in code.

Calame's mind seems to be on the job, rather than in the clouds, at least.

  1. The photos by Andres Serrano to a piece Interrogating Ourselves by former executive editor Joseph Lelyveld.

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