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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Lefty (self?) deception on the energy bill

This horrible bill (HR 6), I fear, is liable to pass in fairly short order. A conference is pending. (It's not a cinch; there's still MTBE to settle. But, then, we thought the Schumer amendment might serve to kill the bankruptcy bill as it had done to previous versions. And we all know what happened to that...)

A lefty piece makes a pathetic showing in trying to exculpate Dems from responsibility for the bill. There are even charts which are supposed to help.

All you need to know about Dem complicity in this act of legislative mayhem is that
  1. the bill would not have passed the House without Dem support (April 23);

  2. cloture in the Senate passed by 92-4.

David Sirota for one, I noted (July 2), is prepared to call the Dem fifth column on their perfidy. I suspect he will be in select company.

(A word that might stand reintroduction to describe them: doughfaces.)

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