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Friday, July 29, 2005

Leadership PACs: you live and learn

Another modest success in pushing back the miasma of personal ignorance.

The leadership PAC, I learn from general mooching, is a device to evade contribution limits which - surprise, surprise! - is expressly permitted by the FEC.

ARMPAC is Tom DeLay's leadership PAC, for instance. But a member does not actually need to be in the leadership to have one. They are rather more frequently used by a pol to buy his way into the leadership.

As most exercises in corruption are, the leadership PAC is a thoroughly bipartisan scam.

There may be better reasons for the voter to void his bladder on his Congressional representatives; but the leadership PAC is as good as most.

(How many know the score, though? Your humble blogger is moderately wised up on matters political, and had no idea.)

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