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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Kennewick Man: a new front opens up in Mexico?

In the sense that a team of Brits [1] have found footprints near the Cerro Toluquilla volcano near Puebla that are dated as 40,000 years old.

We're clutching at straws here, obviously. As discussed on June 22, the McCain bill S 536 which proposes the Stalin-style airbrushing, at their request, of any history inconvenient to his Indian clients, is looking hard to stop right now.

The schedule of upcoming hearings on the Senate Indian Affairs Committee homepage has an oversight hearing on NAGPRA down for July 28. The amendment in S 536 that will do the damage is an amendment to NAGPRA, so, though I can't see details of the topics to be discussed, I'm fairly sure that is the meeting on the amendment that was previously set for June 14 but got cancelled.

The Cerro Toluquilla discovery itself one can lay little store by. It's not the first to throw doubt on the Clovis theory which Kennewick Man puts at risk; but it gives hope that, despite the efforts of John 'Fistful of Wampum' McCain and friends, science, rather than politics, will eventually decide on the truth of the origins of human life in the Americas.

  1. The Mexican Footprints site has details; there is another site Palaeoenvironment of the Valsaquillo Basin, Mexico from another element of the same study group.

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