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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hook and hold: way of the world on TV news

The term is explained on this State of the Media 2005 page.

It's talking about local news; but I suspect the network nightly news follows the same pattern pretty generally.

You start with a big visual story (never mind the content: the tsunami was genuinely big [1], but a warehouse fire will do).

You then slip in the bread-and-butter political, economic and other downer material.

You finish with a fluffy bunny story or two: triumph over adversity, miracle cures. Katie Brownell and her perfect game would be - well, perfect.

And why not? The take-home message from the Karen Ryan video news release saga was: a lot of local news in the boondocks is a man and a dog operation. Pretty girls and empty suits (Sears rather than Armani). An HHS VNR is a special report.

Expectations are well under control.

  1. But for how many days?

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