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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

GOP needs Roe v Wade!

The LA Times walks us through some of the reasons why under the snappy hed If Ax Falls on Roe, It May Also Split GOP.

Essentially, the GOP needs the nut-jobs - their votes, their organisation - but can't afford to give them much of what they want because it also needs the votes of moderates.

As of now, an outright abortion ban is a Lost Cause. As Lost as those old antebellum magnolia days that give old Trent Lott the ya-yas.

But, with Roe gone, the sky's the limit - the mobs of no-necks currently ringing abortion clinics will form up around state houses and state capitols.

And the pro-abortion crowds will hardly be thinner.

All just a little reminiscent of the runup to the Civil War: lots of big words, even more stupid, boastful, ignorant ones, turning of a sudden to vile and bloody action.

Don't, though, forget Mr Dooley and that election returns gag: apart from the Warrenisation risk of Bush's SCOTUS picks for the Rhetts and Yanceys of anti-abortion, there's the probability that even a court of conservatives would look at the polling evidence and choose the prudential path of Powell-in-Bakke obfuscation rather than unleash the dogs of abortion war.

(A non-switch in time that saves nine. And everyone else.)

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