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Thursday, July 14, 2005

For senators, terrorism is just another excuse for corruption

Especially in the light of the London attacks, you'd have hoped the minds of senators dealing with the homeland security appropriations bill would have been focussed on making the US safer.

They had the opportunity on Tuesday, with the Feinstein amendment to HR 2360. The amendment would have directed the DHS to spend its funds based on assessments of the threat posed to the various parts of the country. High risk, high spend.

Sounds logical. In fact, you wonder why it wasn't part of the legislation that set up the DHS in the first place!

But - oh dear! Prioritising spending by measures of threat would mean redirecting spending from rural backwaters to big cities. A whole bunch of states would find their funding cut.

Now, the duty of any senator of such a state is clear: the maximise his state's take of any cash that is going. Terrorism is not his problem.

Leading the charge toward the trough was Maine RINO Susan Collins, who had an amendment of her own passed. At stake, is Podunk's share of $2-3 billion. A few hours worth of Federal spending - but a slice will make a mighty fine ornament to show off to the rubes back home.

From the Nebraska Nelson, one gets:
small and rural states need to be ready to deal with terrorist attacks

Was that accompanied by a Rummy-style smirk?

In the event, the Feinstein amendment was lost 32-65.

Meanwhile, of course, the indignation of the lefties has been concentrated on the Karl Rove Show. What other fast ones will be pulled on the Hill while attention is elsewhere?

(Some background on the basis of DHS funding: it's horrible.)

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