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Saturday, July 02, 2005

The fold of 'Time' hoo-hah...

It's as if the whole Perdue flock had been decapitated and set loose!

Romenesko has loads, of course, in the last day or two. And CJR Daily gives us a hellfire sermon on the iniquity of the decision of Norman Pearlstine - fingered in the fifth word of the piece as a lawyer! - to comply with the Federal judge's order in the Plame case.

And, like Pearlstine, the Time company itself is a freak:
As David Halberstam told the New York Times, Time Inc. "is a strange company and it's a different company now, and it is really part of an entertainment complex. The journalism part is smaller and smaller. There is a great question out there: is this a journalistic company or an entertainment company?"

Once media companies become part of larger conglomerates like Time Warner, Viacom, Disney, General Electric, those companies and the journalists they employ have diverging obligations.

Welcome to the twentieth century.

My newspaper history is defective in so many ways. But I'm not aware that many have been run as charities. Or for the purpose of keeping alight the beacon of honest and fearless journalism either.

On the very subject at issue - the use of anonymous sources - the press long ago bartered its independence and integrity for the dubious honour of acting as a commode for powerful interests who wished to poison the public discourse without comeback.

Have any of the rags rending their garments over Time's capitulation refused to attend any more USG background briefings?

One has to welcome any reminder to the general reader of just what a dirty business the news media is. Not, to judge from the regular surveys from likes of Pew, that many general readers need much reminding these days, thank Goodness...

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