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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cooper and the taxonomy of anonymity

For a profession with such a developed cringing reflex, journalism weilds a surprising weight of chutzpah.

When it comes to whoring anonymous sources, one is familiar with the terms off the record and on background.
These may suffice for quotidian or journeyman rimming of Administration honchos.

But for sphincters demanding extra-special attention, one simply must have
double super secret background

This sort of childish, delusional, cloak-and-dagger nonsense from journos just makes Karl Rove's world go around, of course.

If he did set up the Killian memos, it was pandering to a similar instinct amongst the 60 Minutes crowd.

I'm not paying sufficient attention (millions of others are, of course) to know whether Matt Cooper believed his own publicity, as it were, or was just enjoying the game.

Now, I suppose, every middle level munchkin in USG will be insisting on double super secret background for his nuggets; expect pengö-style inflation of anonymity categories...

Perhaps journos might even give up anonymous USG sources in disgust.


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