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Sunday, July 10, 2005

California makes progress on universal health care

Courtesy (however improbably) of WorldNetDaily, one gets the news (a month old!) that SB 804 [1] of Sheila Kuehl, the California Health Insurance Reliability Act of 2005, which provides for a single-payer health system in the Golden State, has passed the California Senate. The vote was 25-15, a perfect party-line vote.

Given that the Dems control the Assembly 48-32, I assume it's a cinch that the bill will pass the legislature.

And what of Governor Schwarzenegger? A San Francisco Chronicle piece from May 1 does not make pleasing reading: he's already vetoed several patient-friendly bills, it seems; the scribe identifies a couple of straws to clutch - CEO fear of rising health plan costs, a pro-patient bill that Arnie did support.

Take home message? Expect a veto.

For an override, the California Constitution (Art 4 ยง10(a)) requires a two-thirds vote of the membership of each house. That's 27 votes in the Senate and 54 votes in the Assembly.

Which, evidently, the override motions on these other health bills that Arnie vetoed did not get.

(There should be a page with his vetoes and overrides (if any); I can't find one.)

Why haven't lefties online been banging the drum about the Kuehl bill?

Perhaps because it's a dead duck. Dunno.

  1. It's not a durable link, damn its eyes! Whatever you say about THOMAS, at least, if you're persistent, you can get durable links for every bill. I'm not parsing the URL, so you're on your own...

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