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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another Schweitzer profile to feed the CW

Who de man?
Schweitzer de man!

Nothing here to suggest otherwise.

For instance, when running for Montana governor, he was assailed by a roorback (or Swift boating) alleging dirty business deals in an attack ad from the Republican Governors Association [1].

Unlike the feeble Kerry campaign in the face of the Swifties' smears,
The Montana Democrats hit back with an ad highlighting the fact that Schweitzer's accusers had felony criminal records, as well as family and business connections to the Republican candidate for governor. The attack ad fell flat on its face.

I still say, though, that, until Schweitzer is reelected [2], he lacks the standing to be Democratic presidential candidate.

(The last three men to be elected president without having previously been elected twice to the same office were Carter, Eisenhower and Hoover.)

But, if all the ABH-ers have this time next year are deadbeats like Kerry and Biden, who knows?

  1. Why would such an 'official' outfit get involved?

  2. His term expires in 2007.

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