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Friday, June 10, 2005

What is it with Sally Quinn?

I had heard of Muffie Brandon. I had not heard of Quinn - wife of (the) Ben Bradlee.

Quinn has, it seems, more back-story that The Guiding Light. With which anyone paying the slightest attention to Washington politics for the last decade and more (not, I regret to say, your humble blogger) will be thoroughly familiar.

However - Quinn leaps to recent prominence through a Drudge namecheck in a teaser for the, no doubt, fair and balanced bio of Hillary by John Harris. Worse than the Swift Boat Veterans, is the cry from the Dems.

Mentioned by Drudge is Quinn's November 2 1998 piece in the Post under hed and dek Not In Their Back Yard: In Washington, That Letdown Feeling, which is truly a piece of work.

No doubt with the approval of executive editor Leonard Downie [1], Quinn had made a trawl of Official Washington to come up with the equivalent of a Salem congregation, all testifying to the shame the Clenis had brought upon their hitherto unsullied burg.

It makes the average instalment of Elisabeth Bumiller's White House Notes read like Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. The prose is as purple as...well, never mind.

It was as if the massed army of the capital's chisellers and snake-oil salesmen were striving to demonstrate to their demanding clientele that the Prez had no corner on shamelessness and deceit. (As if anyone would have believed it...)

To pick and choose from amongst its aper├žus would be to break a butterfly on the wheel. Several panjandrams of politics and the media on the scene today call their own sanity into question. It's a delight from beginning to end - and a historical document to be collected alongside the Constitution and the Southern Manifesto.

I cannot help weighing the words of these apparent boy- and girl-scouts against the record of Clinton's predecessor, Lyndon Johnson. Who regularly upheld the dignity of his high office by bringing out the Presidential pecker for the edification of co-ed White House gatherings.

So much so that, in the Land of the Free, johnson is now a slang term for the male member.

Fortuitously, there is (supposedly) a connection between Quinn and LBJ: her father was Lt Gen William Quinn, who was Commander of the 7th Army stationed in Germany in the early 1960s and a Goldwater supporter. As President, LBJ winkled Quinn out of the Army, it seems.

Perhaps that prejudiced Quinn the Daughter against priapic Dem Prezes.

Meanwhile, in my little trawl, I net a minor gem on the love live of an earlier presidential bird-bandit, Franklin Rooselvelt. Amongst those females catering for the Squire's libido was, it seems, one Daisy Suckley [2].

Honest injun.

The woman existed. But she seems best known (online, at least) as the donor of the famous presidential Scottish Terrier Fala, who survived his master by some years [3].

Dutchess County humour, no doubt.

Aren't we so much better off with Mr Excitement in charge?

  1. Who would, at the very least, have needed preparation to field irate calls from the White House.

  2. The piece says
    The greatest president of the past century may have had sexual relations of one kind or mother
    which is objectionable on at least one ground...

  3. He featured in a piece on April 7 2004 on presidential pooches.

    Suckley survived FDR by a good deal longer than her hound: she died in 1991!

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