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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Trent Lott looking forward to the 110th, it seems

The back-story, of course, is that Bush decided, some time in the back end of 2002, that Lott, as Majority Leader, was simply not effective enough to get the presidential programme through the Senate. And, what the Tonkin Gulf Incidents were to escalation in Vietnam, Lott's crazy counterfactual - that Strom Thurmond victory in 1948! - was to the Roveists' ousting Lott and inserting Bill Frist, Dr Diagnose-By-Wire.

Now, with Bush a lame duck, and quacking, one senses a certain perkiness of demeanour beneath the helmet hair. Lott started the Gang of Fourteen nuke-nuker, it seems (April 16).

And now, in the Bolton affair, he's weighed in on the side of the Democrats in advising Bush to hand over the documents demanded.

Of course, Lott has a politique du pire going with Frist, as lame a duck as his patron, presiding over a Senate leadership going to hell in a handcart, though at no great pace, so far. (The various stymies endured may feed the Lost Cause motivation of the GOP base, but, I suspect, are wearing thin with the mercenary wing of the party.)

As he sits back in Jefferson Davis' chair in the Senate (December 13 2002), a modest degree of self-satisfaction would be only human.

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