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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Spectacular AP serial snafu

Obviously, one of those areas in which faulty journalism can do most damage fastest is corporate reporting. The potential for wiping billions off stock market valuations, and - where, for example, banks are concerned - causing a panic with dire consequences, needs little imagination to contemplate.

When the company in question is a newspaper holding company, the chances of triggering a pan-economic crash are, perhaps, less acute. But the embarrassment factor is, if anything, heightened.

Lee Enterprises Inc was previously notable as the purchaser of Pulitzer; its fame now rests on the corrective press release it found itself needing to issue as a result of AP's meltdown:
Lee Enterprises, Incorporated reluctantly issued this unusual news release today correcting errors in a series of six stories distributed Wednesday by The Associated Press after Lee's presentation to analysts at the Mid-Year Media Review in New York City...

Romenesko rounds up the links, as ever.

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