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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

'Nazi' crack: Durbin on that old Kerry trail

As predictable as the hokey-cokey: Dem pol decides to spice up his material with a clever or shocking phrase [1]; the VRWC descend on said pol like a ton of bricks, with his Dem rivals damning with faint praise (at best); Dem pol seeks to explain or relativise his phrase; VRWC attacks him for flip-flopping.

And so on, in a spiral of awfulness.

I don't know Durbin from a hole in the ground. Before my earlier piece on his latest difficulty (yesterday), there were just a few references to him here.

And I've no idea how he got to use the Nazi comparison; in particular, what coordination with other Dems that there might have been.

But it's a shambles, pretty much. Had Durbin let the material speak for itself, and not gilded the lily, the column inches expended on his gaffe might have been devoted to something more useful. (Especially if the nation's white girls had the decency not to go missing for a while.)

The most moronic comment, if accuratedly quoted, comes from the very liberal Rep Jan Schakowsky:
If it is Dick Durbin in trouble, then something is wrong. They are so good at changing the subject.

Also in breaking news: the Pope is Catholic...

  1. Often, as with Kerry's [I paraphrase] I voted for it before I voted against it, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation, which intelligent men of goodwill could be walked through and led to agree with.

    Unfortunately, we are talking about politics where goodwill is non-existent and intelligence is never allowed to interfere with partisan or personal advantage.

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