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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Humvee armor fatigue set in?

I'm not sure where Michael Moss's 3,000 word piece Safer Vehicles for Soldiers: A Tale of Delays and Glitches played in today's Times - but even if it graced A1, I can't see it juicing a debate.

Like the Downing Street Memo, any story of inadequate protection for US forces' transport carries the disabling tag of old news, though it isn't.

Whereas few newsrooms would utter the cry Not another missing white girl!

I suspect that, going back to the time of the Babylonians, defense procurement has been horrible in much the same way that's it's horrible today: the corruption, the incompetence, the troops being the ones to suffer.

The difference that modern-day technology has made is to increase the size of the boodle.

My hunch is that the problem of secure transport is not the fact it costs so much, but that it costs so little. It takes plenty of zeroes to engage the attention of that other bunch of zeroes, the gentlemen in Congress.

And even the Rhino Runner (state of the art, apparently, and Rumsfeld's wheels of choice when in theater) does not carry the bang - literally and metaphorically - of a new missile or plane.

What about the lefties? Shouldn't they be ripping the Administration for failing to take care of Our Boys, if only to deflect attention from Durbin and fight back against Rove?

If one were to compare the amount of lefty attention over the last couple of weeks to Rep Randy Cunningham and his sleeping arrangements, on land and sea, with the rather deadlier problem of IED-proof transport, I'm pretty sure the ratio would be high and telling [1].

Last time, the left of the blogosphere almost drowned in its own semen in the onanistic frenzy that was Gannon/Guckert - whilst, at the grown-ups table, Democrats were selling their souls - oops, their constitutents - to the loan-sharks via the bankruptcy bill.

  1. I don't think there's an easy way of getting anywhere close. The likes of Feedster and Technorati don't distinguish blogs by political stripe.

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