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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Flag-burning amendment may pass

So says an ACLU mouthpiece quoted by USA Today:
The Senate may be within one or two votes of passing a constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the U.S. flag...

We're talking - though you'd not know it from the piece - about the Hatch (S JRes 12) and Cunningham (H JRes 10) resolutions.

Hatch has signed up 53 cosponsors, including such actual or quasi DINOs as Baucus, the Nebraska Nelson and Flower of Dixie Blanche Lincoln [1]. Cunningham - yes, the same Randy 'Duke' Cunningham who's enjoyed some singular luck in the real estate market - has 196 - including the lefties' momentary triumph of 2004, Stephanie Herseth.

For a guy like Nelson (how come his 'brother' from Florida has stayed clear, I wonder) defending an anomalously Blue seat in a comfortably Red state, the flag amendment is a no-brainer: unlike the bankrupcty act, the Terri Schiavo Circus Act or the Iraq war resolution, no one will suffer real harm as a result of it passing. It's just a piece of symbolism, available to goose performance on the scorecards drawn up by conservative groups.

Liberals in NE aren't going to boycott the polls to punish Nelson, are they?

The requirement is two-thirds of those present and voting [2] in each house; if all [3] 534 members vote, the requirements will be 290 and 67.

Are the ACLU's counting skills better than those of Frist, I wonder?

(On the merits: I guess the issue of flag-burning is an example of American exceptionalism - it leaves me cold. I'd be using a flag-burning vote to roll more valuable logs: dumping the estate tax repeal act for instance.)

  1. A list of Class I senators to memorise, being those whose term ends in 2007. Apart from Nelson, the only Class I Dem cosponsor of S JRes 12 is Feinstein.

  2. The cloture requirement in Senate Rule XXII is two-thirds of senators duly chosen and sworn, of course.

  3. There is a vacancy in OH-2, Rob Portman's former seat.

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