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Friday, June 03, 2005

Ex-Fox journo is kicking ass again - Detroit mayor's

I'd previously [1] retailed the story of husband and wife journalists Steve Wilson and Jane Akre, formerly of Fox O&O WTVT-13 Tampa, who were fired for producing a story on Monsanto that the company did not like; and who, when they sued the station under the Florida whistleblower statute, not only lost but were ordered to pay the Fox company's legal costs.

I mentioned on April 26 Wilson's efforts as chief investigative reporter for ABC's television affiliate WXYZ-TV Detroit in getting in the face of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Until the Times helpfully made the Fox connection, I had no idea of Wilson's antecedents.

Kilpatrick's latest venture in good government is a none-too-complimentary infomercial on Wilson which
has been running three times a day on Detroit's public access channel for more than a week and includes close-ups of the heavyset Mr. Wilson sweating, saying two mild expletives and being denounced by Detroit's mayor and Warren's deputy mayor, Mike Greiner. It also suggests that he hired prostitutes to set up officials from Warren on a Costa Rica fishing trip, an accusation Mr. Wilson calls baseless.

The piece says that
The mayor has directed the station to continue to run the video.

When HHS had those Karen Ryan VNRs made and distributed, it (or rather CNN Newsource, further down the line) merely offered the material to TV stations, who could take it or leave it, as they chose.

But the Mayor of Detroit gets to order a TV station to run an attack ad?

I don't get the sense of being washed away by a tidal wave of lefty blogger anger on this one...

  1. On February 14 2004; sequel on January 20.

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