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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Antilynching resolution - more wackiness

According to this,
Landrieu said she was motivated to propose the bill after seeing the book Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America, a collection of postcards taken at lynching scenes.

"The intensity and impact of the pictures tell a story ... that written words failed to convey," Landrieu said. "It has been an extremely emotional, educational experience for me. And the more I learned, the more sure I became (about) the effort to pass this resolution."

The woman was born in 1955 [1], a daughter of the South and eight years a US senator: for her to have been persuaded of the iniquities of lynching at this late date - and to confess as much in public! - is frankly absurd.

Her co-sponsor George Allen is noted for having hung a noose outside (or possibly in) his Charlottesville law office, supposedly as
an emblem of Allen's law-and-order mentality.

He denied it had anything to do with lynching.

And then there's the Committee for a Formal Apology, a lobbying group involving comedian Dick Gregory, amongst others, that appears to have no online presence, and who took the initiative in mailing copies of the Without Sanctuary book to senators.

I have seen no timeline for all this activity; timing of such ventures in political symbolism, such as the Schiavo relief bill, is, for obvious reasons, rarely left to chance.

  1. The year of the Emmett Till lynching - and in Arlington, VA, home of Robert E Lee!


The saga of Carry Me Back to Old Virginny as the Old Dominion's official State Song - now official state song emeritus (the reference you're looking for is Code of Virginia Section 7.1.37) produces in the reader a Jolson-ful of eye-rolling.

The connection: Governor George Allen signed the bill that settled the song's current status.

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