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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

AFL-CIO: revolution or damp squib?

I've been keeping an eye on the lefty media to see how much coverage it's been giving the battle for reform currently being waged by Change to Win Coalition (C2W) of (inter alia) Andy Stern's SEIU and Jimmy Hoffa's Teamsters against (if you believe the publicity) the forces of Reaction under current head honcho John Sweeney.

The answer is, Not much. Or as much as I would have expected.

Working Life is blogging the revolution (if that's what it turns out to be) from (I surmise) the C2W perspective.

The most recent piece quotes a C2W-er as saying that
While the AFL-CIO affiliates that belong to the Change to Win Coalition represent 35% of the membership of the AFL-CIO, we will have less than 9% of the delegates to the Convention because of the undemocratic way the AFL-CIO constitution allocates delegates.

Union gerrymander!

Yesterday's Note towards the bottom has an interesting email exchange illustrating the gripes of both camps.

Robert Kuttner had a piece on June 23 - not much in it, except a piece of back-story for late-coming kibitzers: Sweeney previously had Andy Stern's job as SEIU President, and was elected AFL-CIO President in 1995 as a kickass membership booster. Stern, it seems, was Sweeney's protégé at the SEIU!

(What one really needs is one of those 6,000 word NYROB pieces on the subject...)

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