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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

White House Press Corps: is the worm turning?

Are we on the brink of an insurgency against the Bush administration's media regime (as notoriously detailed by Ken Auletta [1])?

Yesterday's briefing with Scott McClellan suggests USG strutting over Korangate may just have got the Corps' goat. A little.

Scott, you said that the retraction by Newsweek magazine of its story is a good first step. What else does the President want this American magazine to do?
and a dozen or more follow-ups.

In context of the Newsweek situation, I think we hear the caution you're giving us about reporting things based on a single anonymous source. What, then, are we supposed to do with information that this White House gives us under the conditions that it comes from a single anonymous source?

By the standard of earlier cringing performances, that's a frenzied attack. But no one mentioned Jeff Gannon. Or Ahmed Chalabi. Or Iraqi WMD.

  1. The article has been taken down from the New Yorker site - bastards!

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