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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Ways and Means chairman concedes on estate tax bill?

What's up with this:

According to OMB Watch,
House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA) spoke about the estate tax yesterday, saying that he would be willing to settle for less than full repeal of the estate tax. "If in fact you're not able to repeal it, the next best thing is certainty," he said.

Now, the last thing you'd expect would be the GOP conceding an inch on the bill (HR 8) right now - the wretched thing hasn't even had a floor vote in the Senate yet, after sailing through the House [1].

The conclusion invited passes all understanding: Harry Reid is mobilising his troops for some kind of filibuster, and has the usual suspects on board.

We'll see.

  1. Dan Boren (D-OK), one of the Dems who voted for HR 8, apparently
    said that he voted for it because he didn't think it would pass.
    Has Boren counted the votes in the Senate, or is this self-serving baloney?

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