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Thursday, May 19, 2005

VRWC blaming Newsweek, giving Isikoff a pass

According to Media Matters, at least (also here).

Isikoff, the argument goes, is a favorite son of the right for having fingered (as it were) the Clinton-Lewinsky combo and thereby has immunity.

It's an excellent thing that folks are prepared to focus in a case of media misdeeds on the editors of the rag concerned rather than the journalist bylined - Wilgoren, Nagourney, Bumiller, Uncle Tom Cobbleigh...

Could it be that Isikoff is being held in good odour in anticipation of projects of coincidental benefit to the current regime?

This is not necessarily inconsistent with the theory that the SouthCom report story was a set-up (as was suggested with the Killian memos, of course). What better to increase Isikoff's value to the regime than to degrade Newsweek whilst keep its star's reputation high?

Tinfoilism, of course...

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