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Monday, May 16, 2005

Vicente Fox rattles Mr Shakedown's cage

All Mexican presidents are lame ducks on inauguration day [1]; but Bush's buddy is really hobbling right now.

He's praising his fellow countrymen who make it across the Rio Grande (many without getting their passport stamped, of course) for their contribution to the gringo economy.

And then we get this:
No hay duda de que los mexicanos y las mexicanas, llenos de dignidad, de voluntad y de capacidad de trabajo, están haciendo trabajos que ni siquiera los negros quieren hacer allá en Estados Unidos.

Now, we know what he means, and it's a compliment. But, as a political statement, it's from the school of I Voted For It Before I Voted Against It.

Not, as you might have thought, a private or impromptu comment but part of
un acto público
it seems.

North of the border, the grievance industry was cranked into operation; the shakedown-meister himself, Jesse Jackson, referred to
ominous racial overtones

The White House ducked and covered; but you can argue plausibly that anything that exacerbated rivalries between blacks and Hispanics - for influence in the Democratic Party in particular - would, up to a point, serve the GOP just fine.

  1. There's a super-eunuch rule in the constitution: no one can be president of Mexico more than once.

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