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Thursday, May 26, 2005

US trade union insurgency coming to the boil

I've mentioned several times before the interesting times being lived right now in the not-so-fraternal purlieus of the AFL-CIO - a rebellion against the leadership of John Sweeney and allies by the SEIU's Andy Stern, abetted by the Teamsters' Jimmy Hoffa Jr, amongst others.

A couple of tasty morsels:

First, Sweeney has been called out by a group of AFL-CIO employees:
In a stunning letter to Sweeney last week, nearly 100 unionized workers at AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington claimed that federation officials have given them "the kind of treatment we have come to expect from corporate America, not the house of labor" - and they called that treatment "unacceptable."

"My members are upset, shocked, despondent and they feel betrayed," said Cet Parks of the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, the union that represents professional employees at the labor federation.

"Everything they've spent their lives fighting against in labor is now being done to them," Parks said.

Meanwhile, the much-despised Bush social security plan is gaining the Prez warm words from - the said Jimmy Hoffa Jr:
Social Security is a major problem in this country. We have to make sure that it's preserved for those that come after us. I think President Bush should be given credit for the fact that he has initiated a debate regarding what we should do.

He's not endorsing the plan; but anything short of snarling from such a key component of the House of Labor can't be filling Dem leaders (or what passes for leaders these days...) with gladness.

(It's not quite on the scale of the UMWs' John L Lewis endorsing Wendell Willkie in 1940, but...)

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