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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The two-faced Wall Street Journal on Korangate

From Romenesko, some Grade A foaming at the mouth from the op-ed department, under hed Journalists and the Military. Savour the deep-pile chutzpah in this (best delivered with a face of John Kerry length in the tone of the Badger lamenting the sad career of Mr Toad):
Long gone are the days when AP's Ernie Pyle -- an ace reporter by the standards of any era -- could use the pronoun "we" in describing the Allied struggle against the Axis.

From the news department, something a little less toxic on the wider implications of the use of anonymous sources.

The pull-quote from Uncle Bob Woodward, no less:
"It's a subject of immense importance to our business," says Bob Woodward, assistant managing editor of the Washington Post. He says he fears a "secret government" and adds, "I think there's not enough use of unnamed sources, frankly."

Not much danger of that whilst the old guy is still on the job, I'd have thought!

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