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Monday, May 30, 2005

That American breast obsession - again

I've mentioned before (January 29 2003) a book The Americans: A Study in National Character by Geoffrey Gorer, an acolyte of Margaret Mead.

Gorer gives the denizens of the United States the treatment Mead doled out to the head-hunters of New Guinea. And one of his tenets is that, just as individual immigrants left their fathers' houses to make a new life in the New World, the nation itself stands as a rejection of Old Father Europe.

Those immigrants in turn were rejected by their native-born sons as relics of that decadent society that they had left behind.

The Mother's the Thing! Marmee March, Ma Joad, Roseanne Conner - that pedestal is a mile high.

The theory is to an extent corroborated by the fact that many an American (even some of the bottle-fed) seem to have a complex about the human mammary. (Go, Janet!)

The latest is, it seems [1], is that objection is being taken to the decently-clothed breast on celluloid. On grounds of size.

Burgeoning teen Lindsey Lohan received what is described as a digital boob job when
Disney technicians went though scenes showing the actress jumping up and down at a motor racing track and altered them with a computer program — reducing her bust by up to two cup sizes and raising the necklines on her T-shirts.

A suit is quoted thus:
Breasts are fine in PG films providing they are discreet and no larger than a C-cup.

By the time they remake Dr No, the girl in the Ursula Andress role will emerge from the sea in a burka...

  1. Real or just publicity? This is Hollywood we're talking about.

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