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Friday, May 06, 2005

Tallahassee is one big party when the Lege is in session

According to the Miami Herald, at any rate:
Even though the Capitol's clear male majority suffuses session with a fraternity-like air, many male lawmakers insist the goings-on are chaste. Still, factor in the propensity of some lobbying firms to hire the most lissome co-eds as interns, and add to that the power lawmakers enjoy, and one finds in Tallahassee the ideal ingredients for some intense, if predictable, sexual intrigue.

Even during the day, some legislators are led by their peckers:
''If you need some legislator's attention, some really like just to sit and talk to pretty young women,'' said David Ramba, a longtime lobbyist. "The problem is you can't get the old lobbyists to quit talking to them.''

These are, of course, the moral guardians of the Sunshine State who foist their bigotry on the most private of decisions (as with Terri Schiavo, most notably).

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