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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The son also rises: a Thurgood Marshall legacy

There is a cheesy TV movie quality to it: the Corrections Corporation of America is bidding for a contract to run the penal assets of Shelby County, TN. And expand them, apparently.

And on its team is nothing other than Thurgood Marshall, Jr, son of the NAACP lawyer and Supreme Court Justice, who happens to be a director of the company.

Penal reform in the US, it seems, is one step forward (revision of the Rockefeller drug laws in New York) and at least one step back.

Shelby County, and Memphis, were, of course, long the stamping-ground of boss Edward Crump. Today, the county commission letting the contract is split 7-6 in favour of the GOP - Bush took the state 57-43. And the six Dems are all black.

Now, the Census numbers for Shelby show the racial split 80:16: so I suspect gerrymandering - I'm not clear, at what level [1].

I wonder what the incarceration rate in Shelby was back in Crump's day....

  1. Control of the Tennessee legislature is currently split: the House is 53-46 to the Dems, the Senate 17-16 to the GOP. I've no idea whether the county commissioner boundaries are set by the lege or by the county commission itself, or by some third organisation.

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