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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Secret UK Iraq paperwork: less than a hill of beans

Worth a lot less, I suspect.

Tony's Teflon is wearing thin these days: but it's still more than adequate to defeat the miserable excuse for an opposition led by Michael Howard - who makes Bob Dole look like FDR.

(The moron accuses Blair of being a liar, but then says he would have voted for the war even if he'd known the truth at the time! Even John Kerry did better than that...)

So I've been managing my own expectations in the flurry of excitement generated by the release of the first Attorney-General's opinion (March 7 2003 - PDF) on the legality of the Iraq invasion, and now the secret memo (July 23 2002) on how the UK could put up a political, diplomatic and legal smokescreen to cover its taking part in that, inevitable, invasion.

My reading of public opinion is that a majority knows that Blair deceived [1] to get us into war, but they just don't care. He should get away with it by a country mile.

Will those Israeli fighter-bombers be scrambled for Iranian nuclear targets later this year? What memos are being written in Whitehall right now justifying UK participation in the war that would ensue?

We'll find out soon enough, I suppose.

  1. There are many more ways than lying by which one can deceive. One may easily deceive oneself at the same time as deceiving others. Though I'm very far from assuming that that was the case with Blair and the invasion.


Catching a snatch of Laura Flanders' show, she's warning of the possibility of earth-penetrating nuclear weapons being supplied by the US to Israel. The connect the dots to raids on Iranian nuclear facilities - placed deep underground in recognition of the chance of a repeat of the 1981 Osiraq raid - is more than tempting.

Or would be if "earth penetrating" israel didn't come up empty on Google News. And this story has old Don Rumsfeld pleading with the Senate for the grand total of $8.5 million for research into such a weapon. (That's million, not billion.)

I think the EPNW is an idea in the mind of God. Or his rival.

(The jargon refers to hard and deeply buried targets (HDBTs). And the EPNW is also referred to as a robust nuclear earth penetrator (report PDF). The piece mentions - but does not link: BASTARDS!!! - an NAS report one of the authors of which says
Using an earth-penetrating weapon to destroy a target 250 meters deep -- the typical depth for most underground facilities -- potentially could kill a devastatingly large number of people.

No doubt Rumsfeld's writers are working right now on zingers for when the IAF drops EPNWs on the Iranian nuke sites: a few shepherds and a few thousand sheep, etc.

That's if there were such things as EPNWs to drop, of course. Which there aren't, so it seems.)

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