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Friday, May 06, 2005

Schweitzer having budget trouble with his lege

Governor Brian Schweitzer has a movie arc all to himself: the West is the coming region for the Democrats [1], and Schweitzer is the coming man from the West [2].

The Montana legislature [3] is Democratic-controlled: 50-50 in the House [4], 27-23 in the Senate; and there's been a pretty productive legislative session.

Now, apparently, Schweitzer intends to cut out from the budget bill he's about to sign numerous requirements for reports from the administration. Which he may or may not be entitled to do.

It's a two year budget, so I suspect that this is the last he will see of the lege until 2007. Perhaps he thinks he can offend legislators in the expectation that, by then, he will have other priorities!

  1. What with migration from California and an increase in the Hispanic population (and - leverage! - an increase in the proportion of Hispanics entitled to vote).

  2. There was a Salon interview I was meaning to mention.

  3. At last! I find a summary of state of the parties in all 50 - from Wikipedia.

  4. I'm assuming the adminstration breaks the tie in some way, like in the US Senate.

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