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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Political soubriquets - no collection?

I can't find one, at least [1].

A pity, because American politics (though not so much recently) abounds in them.

New to me are Mayors Samuel Jones (Samuel 'Golden Rule' Jones) of Toledo and Hazen Pingree (Hazen 'Potato Patch' Pingree) of Detroit.

These fine monikers I glean from a piece Why Wisconsin? The Badger State in the Progressive Era - p16a of the Wisconsin Magazine of History for Spring 2004 (PDF).

The piece goes on (p22a) to retail the story of the rise of Robert LaFollette - 'Fighting Bob', of course. I had not realised that LaFollette was a supporter of William McKinley (and vice versa) - McKinley, friend of the banks and the trusts, would typify the sort of Republican LaFollette might be expected to have loathed. (Except that this is politics, not grade school...) He even campaigned for McKinley's imperial policy in 1900 [2].

[The mag also has an interesting-looking piece about Indians in baseball: the color-line that kept Negroes out of the big leagues was lifted to allow Indians to play. Freaky...]

  1. Wikipedia should have an article, but doesn't.

  2. Odder than hearing Hillary softening to anti-abortionists!

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