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Monday, May 16, 2005

Newspaper Golden Agism takes a hit...

...from the iconic Ben Bradlee:
Even if circulation is going down in newspapers...the newspapers that are left are far better than they were. Jesus Christ, if you looked at the Washington Post in the '60s, the design was terrible, they were terrible to read and the level of writing and reporting was nowhere near as good, either.

An antidote (or it should be!) to the nonsense inspired by Watergate - Woodward and Bernstein (looking uncannily like Redford and Hoffman) - that there was once an Arthurian age of crusading, clean, competent journalism. Before the evil Moloch - er, Murdoch - came and led these plumed knights into the Temple of Baal.

Or something like that.

I see that another liberal icon of journalism, Bill Moyers, was speaking at a conference on media reform over the weekend. I've discussed before (May 18 2004) one of Moyers' own excursions into Golden Agism - and only later (May 24 2004) found that Moyers had been Lyndon Johnson's Press Secretary.

He'd been the Scott McClellan of the greatest American warmonger of the 20th century [1] - and he was complaining about Bush's media manipulations!

  1. Assuming you put those Pearl Harbor stories down to tinfoilism.

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