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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

LG: the pander machine stutters

The slave has bought her own freedom, it seems.

After killing (rather more convincingly than Laura Bush) at the hearing last week before Judge Ronald Alvarez, the judge has lifted his stay on the girl's having an abortion.

And - no doubt, to the dismay of the jihadists of life, Jeb Bush has decided not to appeal.

Why? Surely such an enthusiast for the Schiavo Circus should have relished the chance of putting the thumbscrews on the Florida judiciary, and of getting the baying mobs baying.

Perhaps his political advisers, with 2008 [1] in mind, have told him he needs to rein in the pander-machine.

At least, he doesn't need to worry about an LG candidacy - though, from the way she apparently carried herself in court, who could bet that, forty years from now, she wouldn't be a contender.

  1. Which is the first election since 1952 in which neither denizen of the White House has been his party's candidate for the top job. (That's assuming Cheney's not running, of course.)


Is Judge Alvarez under police protection? If not, why not?

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