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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Korangate: the flushing process

There are many dimensions to the story; but one as yet little explored (so far as I'm aware) is the mechanics of Koran flushing.

We ask (more in hope than expectation) that the media show due scepticism of the statements of government officials; that what they say should be tested by seeking independent evidence - and all that jazz.

So why so little testing of the underlying story?

I don't know from Korans. But I do know that Bibles come in all shapes and sizes, from the monsters that grace cathedral pulpits to the slight vademecums that fit inside a jacket pocket.

One can conceived that the pages (or a good many of them) of a Koran of the latter type might be ripped from their binding and, if patience were used - not too many at a time - disposed of in a toilet of averagely powerful flush [1].

But, even with so small a tome, it would take some while before any significant number of pages cleared the bowl.

One would certainly have to consider the weight and operating characteristics of the paper used in Guantánamo Korans: no doubt, some grades would be more likely to clog the outlet than others.

What is needed, clearly, is experimental evidence. Not, of course, using actual Korans. (Heaven forfend!) But volumes with blank pages in the form of the Korans used at Guantanamo.

What if - I have no idea how realistic this is - it were proved by scientific experiment (though one knows how much Bush and friends hate science!) that the flushing of the Koran was physically imposssible?

Wot larks!

Wouldn't it be worth the while of the Bushies to cross to the Dark Side - of evidence, proof, peer-review, enlightenment - just to show up those Guantanamo barrack-room laywers for the dirty frauds they are?

But, at the expense of letting Newsweek kinda-sorta off the hook?

I suspect the WH would prefer to kow-tow to the jihadists abroad rather than concede an inch to the liberals at home...

  1. Do we have any evidence as the to force of the flush in Guantanamo toilets? If not, why not?

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