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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Flanders Sisters chick-fight!

Kinda. Laura and Stephanie Flanders, daughters of the much-lamented humourist Michael Flanders (of Flanders and Swann fame), are both broadcasters (and both discussed here several times).

By chance, Laura - the pretty one - is on radio (including Air America at the weekends) and Stephanie - the somewhat plainer one - is on the BBC Newsnight TV show.

A piece from 2001 by Alexander Cockburn in New York Press identifies a pomme de discorde between the sisters:

Stephanie wrote a piece in the New York Times on the AIDS situation that apparently wrote off Africa as a hopeless case.

Cockburn writes:
One comment on Stephanie Flanders’ piece came from her sister Laura, who used to produce that great radio show CounterSpin and who has been doing radio commentary for Working Assets’ stations and website: "In an article June 24," Laura wrote, "this writer’s own sister greeted summiteers with a which doomsayers warned that the spotlight on AIDS, ‘which grabs people emotionally,’ ‘diverts energy and attention from broader development efforts.’ Powerful media love to say that misguided ‘do-gooders’ are actually doers of wrong. You hear it about labor rights activists whose campaigns lead to the closing of factories; and feminists—their efforts have only doubled women’s load. In fact, the struggle around AIDS has always been about how power and prejudice affect people’s health, and by extension, a society’s strength."

...this writer’s own sister indeed!

Cockburn says he's their uncle, by the way.


And there's a Jayson Blair connection!

An extract from the Lay-Z-Boy fabulist's book had him
[thinking] of the many good times and the many bad ones I’d had
at a bar near the Times building. Amongst those enumerated was
the Saturday drunken lunches with Stephanie Flanders, a brilliant Harvard graduate and correspondent brought in to cover world poverty, who was perhaps the only person less suited for The Times than me

Is he kidding or what?

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