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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Filibuster: Knight Ridder treats those impostors just the same

On the GOP side, the filibuster is about frustration with the lack of majority rule in the US Federal system [1].

On the Democratic side, it's winning something, for once [2].

Both sides have been spewing lies and half-truths in support of their causes - and the he said, she said media have been printing the lot.

Step forward Dick Polman of Knight Ridder, who is prepared to point out that both Emperors have no clothes:
As evidenced by the latest rhetoric, both camps, focused solely on winning, have been spinning with impunity, omitting inconvenient facts that might dilute their arguments - and alienate their ideological allies, many of whom equate nuance with weakness.

Now, as we found out with the Iraqi WMD question [3], nobody important takes much notice of anything that Knight Ridder says.

But, at least, they're saying it.

  1. Since they've only had control of all three elected branches since January 2003 - for the first time since 1954 - and have been making a fair fist (or Frist) of getting their corporate welfare programme through so far, it's no doubt taken this long for them to galvanise themselves around the 'problem'.

  2. This is, of course, something of a Big Lie. Uncle Harry Reid, with 45 troops at his disposal, could block cloture on a party-line vote any time he liked. If he actually had control of those 45 troops, that is. Reid could have had a win on the bankruptcy bill S256 - far more immediately important to Dem constituents than judicial nominations - if he'd been any sort of leader.

  3. The Susan Moeller study passim.

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