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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Exciting the base a tad early? Schiavo, 'LG' and...what next?

Working the crackers up into a frenzy clearly worked last November, with all those state homo-marriage initiatives and all.

But most states won't be having important elections for another 18 months or so; and yet we've had, in fairly quick succession, the Schiavo Circus and now the Florida Department of Children & Families's getting court sanction to require a 13 year old - known as LG - to carry to term a fetus she wishes to abort. (The girl is 14 weeks gone, apparently.)

On the basis of nothing in particular, I can't imagine that the decision of Palm Beach Circuit Judge Ronald Alvarez [1] will withstand assault in Florida and Federal courts.

So, once more, that old lynching lust will remain unslaked.

Upcoming is the - far from slam-dunk [2] - filibuster fight.

The fanatics' pent-up expectation won't be sated by passing the CIANA (April 28) bill, I'm thinking!

  1. A copy of the decision online would be nice. I can see none.

  2. There are two schools of thought:

    1. Frist hasn't got the votes;

    2. Frist has the votes, but it is delaying to pass as much corporate welfare as possible before the deluge.

    I lean toward the first.


Apparently, the intervention of the Flordia DCF was the personal decision of recently appoint Secretary Lucy Hadi.

Hadi was previously interim policy director in Jeb Bush's Office of Policy and Budget. She was appointed interim Secretary last September following the resignation of Jerry Regnier, who had apparently taken gifts in dubious circumstances.

Hadi is her married name: I have no idea of her religion or ethnicity.

She was in charge of DCF during the Schiavo Circus; George Felos, Michael Schiavo's attorney, is quoted as saying
I believe that as soon as DCF knew they had an opportunity, they were mobilizing to take advantage of it, without a doubt.

She seems to have been an enthusiast for the proposal for the DCF to mount a raid on the hospice where Terri Schiavo lay dying:
Hadi said that DCF would have to file a petition in order to remove Schiavo, but “it doesn’t mean that we’d have to have judicial approval in advance of taking the action if we believed it met the threshold for doing it.”

Pistol-packing mama!

Evidently, even pander-meister Governor Jeb Bush thought that a second Fort Sumter - however much that might have lifted the crackers' spirits - might be taking things a little far, so the shoot-out never happened.

So poor old JG gets the blowback.

(If the courts give her the nod, will Jeb stand in the schoolhouse door?

Nature dicates that, whatever happens, will have to happen soon...)

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