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Monday, May 09, 2005

Bush's counterfactual blather on Yalta

Is a conspiratorial dig in the ribs of the PNAC tendency, I'm thinking - something like his reference to Dred Scott during the debates.

I'm more than a little rusty on the period; but the idea that there was the slightest room politically for the US to have attempted the liberation of Eastern Europe from Soviet occupation is preposterous.

Famously, British suggestions of accelerating the advance into German-occupied territory were rebuffed by the Americans, the new President Truman deferring to Eisenhower. But such an acceleration would only have eaten marginally into the Soviet holdings: snatching Prague, for instance.

So far as I'm aware, not even Churchill at his most hawkish suggested trying to eject the Red Army from areas it had already occupied!

Include this with the homo-marriage amendment and the Swift Boat-men: credibility is completely beside the point of the exercise.

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